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We offer same day delivery for USA and Canada clients. European and Australian orders take 3 to 7 days for package to arrive.

There’s a saying that by their fruits, we shall know them . The is not doubt that this lucrative art has been infested with a lot of scam artist who are just out to rip people off their hard earned money . So to know if a supplier is a scam, check HIS or Her prices. A good price is worth it because its very difficult and time consuming to produce an undetected counterfeit money. Buying with us comes with 100% assurance and guarantee

This is the safest money site to buy counterfeit money or documents. No paypal digital trail, No bank transfer trace, No Credit or Debit card tracing. All payments are secured and encrypted.

After every purchase or order from our site, you receive an invoice with a tracking number and shipping details so that you can check the status of your order and know when delivery is done.

We offer 24/7 customer support via the live chat on the right hand corner or you contact us directly by whatsapp on the number provided at the top left corner of our shop.

Our counterfeit money is specially made to keep up with the fast growing high definition technological changes in Counterfeit Money detecting machines like IR,MG,RGB,3D sensor devices.Using rag and crisp paper to avoid errors,raise printig to match notes.Holograms and watermarks as well as different serial numbers are present in our bills making it 100% authentic to be used freely without any problems.Features include strip holograms,reflective ink,security threads,micro text and color change ink. The details are very sharp and from these features, you can deduce that our bills are top notch. Our banknotes are professionally and industrially manufactured

We ship worldwide and offer the best of fast, safe, secured and discreet delivery to Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa and USA

We ship discretely. There is no advertising or mention of our name. We use regular cardboard mailers and the shipping label has no mention of anything either. By looking at our packaging or label one can not deter what is inside.

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